Friday, December 12, 2014


Seasons Greetings Everyone!

Once again it has been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Usually it’s something about cake. This time it will be a little different. (Not to say cake won’t completely not be involved.)

            Some of you may have already seen my recent ‘mission’ this week. If you have not, here is a little background.

            I have a ‘Go Fund Me’ page up and running. Not for myself, but for a friend. I know this is outside of my usual purview and I am being asked, “Why are you doing this?” Well my answer is quite simple. “Because I can.” 

            I have many, many blessing in my life; a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, a boisterous dog, the best friends a girl could ask for, a home, food on the table, the ability to go to work every day and a creative talent I can only say is God given.
So when I recently asked a friend how she was doing, in the casual way we all ask and expect to hear: ‘fine’. My friend was at her breaking point. She wasn’t ‘fine’. She was in fact so stressed; all of her emotions came to a head. She blurted out all of the things that were eating away at her quality of life, with no visible means of it ending anytime soon. Me being the nosy gotta know girl I am, asked (and suggested) her a barrage of questions of how to try and solve things. She had already tried them all, unfortunately, unsuccessful. As tears welled in her eyes, I realized she was at really at her wits end, that point where no one ever expects to be. I hugged her and thought; “Why does she never catch a break? She’s a single mom. She works hard. She supports her daughter and granddaughter. How can I change this?”

I take for granted all these blessing in my life that I have; that they will always be there. When in reality it could all be taken away at any time, like my friend. Imagine for a moment that you ask a service that you pay for with your taxes your whole life, for help and hear, “Why don’t you sell your home and your car.” First it’s not just her home. It is the home of her daughter & granddaughter. Should she just ask them to leave so she can make a few bucks? It’s not a huge house, in fact it’s not a house as most of us are used to, it is in fact a trailer home. Not a huge market for those. They carry very little value and are probably cheaper to live in than an apartment. Sell the car? Really? What planet do you live on? There are no buses to take in the country! How is she to get to her job every day? How is she to do her grocery shopping or make it to Doctor’s appointments for the toddler? Oh did I mention she wasn’t even sure how she was going to buy groceries this week. It would seem that all of her pay cheque has been spoken for before it is even in the bank. (Thank you furnace for quitting last month)

She spoke the words, “No one will help me,” with such inescapability in her voice. My mind was made up in an instant. “I will,” I said. “I will help you!”
So here I am backing up what I said I would do…’help’. This is what I know; I have a Facebook fan page. I have a pretty good following on Twitter. I have this Blog. I have a voice with an audience that she does not.
So when you ask me why am I doing this? …. My answer is, “I have to.” This could easily have been me.”
Please consider visiting my Go Fund Me page for ‘A Friend in Need’:

And here is the part about cake (or cookies) Every one, whom donates to this fund, will have their name go in a draw for a “Village Cake Lady” birthday cake (local Ottawa, Ont. area only) or a batch of Urban Legend (or preference) cookies.

Thank you, many Blessings, Merry Christmas! Tracii

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