Thursday, January 21, 2010

Designer Extraordinaire

Every once in a while you come across EXCEPTIONAL talent!!!
I just had to blog about this “Designer Extraordinaire”.
Very rarely do I see a venue transformed into a veritable wonderland of someone’s image of “Their Day” so perfectly that I am taken a back by the beauty.

I recently created this cake for a couple getting married at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa.
Congratulations Melanie & Jamie !!!

Upon entering the hallway to the reception area I could see things were going to be different. The colour scheme: black, white & gold. The feel…elegance, old world charm & fantasy rolled into one. The reception room STUNNING!!!
The look created by Sharon Bosley-House of Avant-Garde Designs.

I was humbled by how stately Sharon's decor made my cake look.

I snapped a few shots to share what the gift of real natural talent can do for an event.

Ruffles Potatoe Chips Wedding Cake

Does that title say Wedding Cake? Yes it does! What a fun thing to do. This was a total surprise wedding cake for the groom. Apparently he has a thing for Ruffles Sour Cream & Bacon chips. So much so, the bride had it written into the vows…LOL. Well this was one of those Cheshire Grinning Groom (say that 10 times really fast!) moments that I live for.

I hardly got a chance to set the cake down when the paparazzi swarmed…LOL.

I took a few process photos as well that I thought I would share. Those chips looked soooooo real !!

Making the ruffle.



Covered cake ready to hand paint.

VOILA!!! The finished munchie bag.

Upper Canada Village’s First Annual Canadian Gingerbread House Championship

Well I am definitely the worst blogger I know.
It has been a whole year since I posted anything. My bad!!
This year I promise to try and post at least once a month.
I have a few things I want to catch up on first.
So I am going to start with ….you guessed it Gingerbread houses again!

These are my daughter’s and mine, 2009 entries into Upper Canada Village’s First Annual Canadian Gingerbread House Championship

My daughter Carli took 1st place in her division (5 to 11 year olds) with this garden cottage. But I’m not surprised, she is going to rival me one day in the cake world for sure!

This was my entry, the upright piano. I did not place at all. Big disappointment as this took 16 hours to build. All corners were mitered to fit perfectly. The sizing was to scale. The wood grain effect was spectacular. Oh well there is always next year!!!