Saturday, December 4, 2010

I WON!!! The 2010 Gingerbread House Championship at Upper Canada Village

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending & entering the competition at Upper Canada Village. What a hoot!!!  I took home the grand prize of $1500 & a weekend away at The Guest House Cabin with fabulous food from Willard's Hotel, The Antiques Tearoom and Upper Canada Cookhouse plus 18 holes of golf with a cart at Upper Canada Golf Course. What a thrill! I can't wait to enjoy this weekend away!
Oh yes and most importantly Bragging Rights!!! LOL

Here is my Grand Prize winning piece.

Here are the pictures I do have of the entry houses from the competition.

1st Place
2nd Place

3rd Place

Here is my friend Lorrie Gauthier's of  Eat Dessert First entry.
Her Hansel & Gretal cottage had this amazing poured sugar bay window in front with this perfectly laid out roof top. And I love the little green army men piled up to make a tree!!!

This one mesmerized me.
I love the roof line & the candy lights glittered with the Christmas lights. I would love a cabin like this!
This here was a miniature house. The skater on the pond was 3/4 of an inch tall at best. The whole house might have been 10 inches long.