Saturday, December 4, 2010

I WON!!! The 2010 Gingerbread House Championship at Upper Canada Village

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending & entering the competition at Upper Canada Village. What a hoot!!!  I took home the grand prize of $1500 & a weekend away at The Guest House Cabin with fabulous food from Willard's Hotel, The Antiques Tearoom and Upper Canada Cookhouse plus 18 holes of golf with a cart at Upper Canada Golf Course. What a thrill! I can't wait to enjoy this weekend away!
Oh yes and most importantly Bragging Rights!!! LOL

Here is my Grand Prize winning piece.

Here are the pictures I do have of the entry houses from the competition.

1st Place
2nd Place

3rd Place

Here is my friend Lorrie Gauthier's of  Eat Dessert First entry.
Her Hansel & Gretal cottage had this amazing poured sugar bay window in front with this perfectly laid out roof top. And I love the little green army men piled up to make a tree!!!

This one mesmerized me.
I love the roof line & the candy lights glittered with the Christmas lights. I would love a cabin like this!
This here was a miniature house. The skater on the pond was 3/4 of an inch tall at best. The whole house might have been 10 inches long.


Stephanie said...

Your entry is amazing and so creative! Congratulations.

gingerhse said...

Enjoying your blog. Thanks for all the gingerbread pictures. Plans to enter any gingerbread contests this year?

VillageCakeLady said...

Thanks!!! Yes of course, Upper Canada Village's Gingerbread Championship again! Just last weekend I was there for 2nd half of the prize (weekend for 2 at guest house, meals & golf) Was amazing! Going to try to win again!!!