Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Borg Cube Ship

Every now and then a cake order comes along that can make me squeal very unprofessionally. This for me was THAT cake!!!
Contacted by the groom only, as a surprise wedding cake for the Trekkie bride. (I hear the Officiant also came as a Vulcan!)

I recently had the opportunity to take a class with Mike McCarey of Mike's Amazing Cakes to learn a little chocolate know how. This came in VERY handy doing this cake. The entire outer 'hull' is chocolate.
So I thought I would show a few process photos of this cake.

Here is a double stacked square cake. There is a centre board with doweling for supports. Two chocolate panels have been attached.

Here the cube is completely panelled ready for the outer attachments.

The first panel of chocolate shapes have been adhered. This I am finding out is VERY time consuming! It takes many many little trinkets to cover a panel.

The entire cube has now been decored. A depression was made where the 'Sphere Ship' docks. The Sphere is rice crispy treats on a dowel inserted deep into the centre of the depression.

Here is a close up of a panel that has been airbrushed. Blue & green shimmer colours had been added first in spots. Then the entire Borg Cube was airbrushed black. A final coat of shimmer was added last.

Some 'Noise Maker Cans' were hung from the back of the ship. They were made from rice crispy treats.

The "Just Married" sign was hung on the Sphere.

The final docking port of the Borg Cube wedding cake. (At the venue)
Congratulations Denny & Enjoli !!!


cakegrl said...

Very, VERY well done Tracy! Love the "just married" sign, too cute.

Anonymous said...

Tracy you cannot believe how much I loved this cake. Even more I cannot believe my husband was able to keep it a surprise. Being an A-tye personality, I had been crazed by Denny not giving me the invoice for the cake so I can keep orderly wedding records.

It was well worth it!!! Koodos to you and your cake making skills. You are in a whole ball new ball park now as far as cake artisans go in the National Capital Region.

This cake was so yummy, banana kahlua...can't go wrong!! It was awesome and our guests thuroughly enjoyed this cake.

Since it was a huge cake, we had plenty to take home.

Denny and I ate this cake night and day for the next week and a half!! I think I gained about 5 5 lbs of my life ;P

Thank you so much for bringing such happyness and awe into this Trekkie Bride's special day!

Live Long and Prosper! V

Mrs. Enjoli McQueen

Tracii said...

Mrs. Enjoli McQueen has a nice ring to it!!!
I am so glad you liked this cake. Being a big Trekkie myself I REALLY enjoyed making this cake. Surprise cakes can sometimes be so scary to do!!

Anonymous said...


I know that this blog is some years old but I came across it when I was looking for instructions on how to make a borg cube birthday cake. I noticed that you used white chocolate to decorate the cake. Was it white modeling chocolate or actual white chocolate? Also would you mind providing me with a few instructions on how you decorated the cake with the chocolate? I would really appreciate it as there's a birthday coming up that I need to make a borg cube cake. Please kindly provide me with any help or instruction or insight that you can provide to me to make this cake as beautiful as yours. Thanks


VillageCakeLady said...

Hi Stephanie, yes the chocolate is modeling chocolate. All the little shapes were hand made/cut out and individually placed. Modeling chocolate easily attaches with water. (Hours of work) after all the decor was attached, the Cube was airbrushed with blacks, blues, purples and metallics. It has Been quite a while since I've done this cake.

VillageCakeLady said...

Also I worked from various 'Cube' pictures, but mostly freehanded the decor. If you don't own an airbrush, you might want to start with dark modeling chocolate and hand painting after all the decor is on with different coloured metallics.