Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I don't do Bridal Shows

I came across a blog post that explains a lot of how I feel. There are many more reasons but I thought this article was just so well written I had to share. And yes I did add a comment at the end of this post. That I am attaching here as well.

Life in Weddings (click Life in Weddings to read blog)

THANK YOU!!! Shayna Walker & Kara Buntin for this post. I am so hoping more show operators read this. I too have given up presenting at shows. Not that I have ever done a huge show as the costs involved are extremely prohibitive in my area ($1500+ just for space). I never did progress beyond the smaller more intimate shows where there was only one professional participant from each speciality niche allowed. I loved doing these shows. However there is one more consideration slightly touched on here that needs to be expanded upon. This is the time/income lost to actually take that week off to accomplish the display cakes and attend the show. For myself, when I add up the cost, $1500 for space, $500(approx.) for booth display, $500 in product for 2000 people AND $1000-$1500 to lost revenue, this $4000 out of pocket is the reason I won't do these shows. This is $4000 that can go towards direct marketing with bridal magazines or internet advertising that is in circulation much longer than one weekend. In fact that could be up to 4 years worth of ads for the cost of one show. Again thank you for this posting, I wish more people understood.

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Shayna said...

Thank you so much for sharing our post and your comment. I think the topic is so important...I appreciate that you've continued the discussion!