Thursday, April 8, 2010

I gotta ask why?

I'm a little off cake topic here but I just had to!

This past Easter weekend we took our daughter to an annual Easter hunt with friends. They have fair sized piece of property with a few acres to hide goodies on. The potluck food was outstanding! We indulged in frittata, curried chicken (OMG!!!), scalloped & roasted potatoes a berry tart I recently found a recipe for in this month's More Magazine and so much more.

Now after the kids are done hunting we go and check to see what they missed. We send them out again with some hints and see if they can find the rest. After the kids quit, all chocolate is fair game!!! I found this Ciocori Egg (Distributed by Crown Sales (1338432 Ontario Ltd.)) that the munchkins missed. I brought it to the eats table to enjoy a little chocolate and now here's the thing I gotta ask WTH were they thinking?!!!

Take a look at the's a plastic shot glass with glass charms. Yes like those things you put on your wine glass at a party to identify your beverage container. Now seriously! Who puts a shot glass in a child's Easter egg????
Upon reading the label the first line does say "TOY NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN..." .... maybe they should have left it at that!!

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