Friday, April 9, 2010

What about this cake?

I am often asked about certain cakes. How much it serves or how much it costs. So I thought I would explain the 3 cakes I am asked about the most.

The Pretty Box Cake with the bow on top.

This cake, for example: if the tiers of this cake were to start with a 10 inch square on the bottom and ascend to a 4 inch cake on top, it would serve 82 people. Or at least that is how many servings I gauge this cake will feed. You can start with a 12 inch or 14 inch and even add another layer for a larger serving number. Or reduce by a layer for less. Now the 82 serving cake would start at $626.00 and can range to $872.00 depending on flavours chosen. *

This next cake is one that I use to embellish my web pages.
I call it The Calla Illusion Stem Cake.

It can be made to serve 56, 69, 86 or 105. In it’s petite size, 56 servings, this cake’s cost starts at $528.00 and can range to $724.00 depending on the flavours chosen. It also has an acrylic stand inside the cake that requires a deposit of $125.00, which is refunded when the stand is returned. *

This last cake has a Rose Ball and Cascading Blossoms.

This beautiful cake can serve 60, 75 or 94 without changing the ‘look’ too much. More servings would require additional tiers being added. Depending on flavours chosen this cake is would start at $762.50 and range to $1025.00 for a 75 serving cake. *

*(These cakes are all priced with 2010 prices and subject to change)

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